TheScore, US YoungCNBC and Other Canadian Based Companies You Should Know About

Canadian technology companies are often overshadowed by their American counterparts, but there are plenty of successful and innovative companies in the True North that you should know about. From gaming apps to financial analysis firms, here’s a look at some of the most exciting Canadian-based companies you should be paying attention to. Whether or not you’re looking for a job, it’s always good to stay informed on what’s happening in your country’s tech industry – and these are some of the most promising players out there right now.


If you’re looking for the latest news and scores from your favorite sports teams, theScore is the app for you. With live scoring updates and push notifications for game start times, you’ll never miss a beat.

But theScore isn’t just about sports. They also have a fantastic business news app, YoungCNBC, which is perfect for young professionals who want to stay on top of the markets. And if you’re based in Canada, you’ll be happy to know that theScore is a Canadian company!


If you’re looking for some Canadian-based companies to invest in, you should definitely check out TheScore, US YoungCNBC, and other companies on this list.

TheScore is a sports media company that provides digital and mobile sports content in Canada. They offer real-time scores, news, stats, and videos for various sports leagues including the NHL, NBA, MLB, NFL, and more.

US YoungCNBC is a financial media company that provides news, analysis, and insights on the stock market and investing. Based in Toronto, they have a team of experienced reporters who cover all the major markets in North America.

Other Canadian-based companies worth checking out include Shopify (an ecommerce platform), Hootsuite (a social media management tool), and Wattpad (a social network for readers and writers).

Other Canadian Based Companies You Should Know About

Other Canadian-based companies you should know about include theScore (TSX:SCR), a sports media company; US YoungCNBC, a financial news and analysis website; and Ritchie Bros. (NYSE and TSX:RBA), a global leader in asset management and disposition.

theScore is a leading digital media company dedicated to delivering an immersive sports experience through its flagship app and website. theScore’s app has been downloaded over 18 million times worldwide and its website receives over 27 million monthly unique visitors.

US YoungCNBC is a next-generation financial news and analysis website that provides real-time market insights, opinion, and analysis from some of the brightest minds in finance. The site covers everything from stocks and investing to economics and politics.

Ritchie Bros. is the world’s largest industrial auctioneer, selling billions of dollars of equipment each year. The company has a global network of more than 110 locations in 25 countries, including 44 auction sites worldwide.

How to find good investments

There are many ways to find good investments, but it can be difficult to know where to start. One way to find good investments is to look at companies that are doing well in the stock market. Another way to find good investments is to research companies that have a good reputation and are doing well financially. You can also talk to financial advisors and ask them for recommendations.


With the rise of technology in Canada and the emergence of innovative companies, there’s no doubt that Canadian based businesses are making their mark on the world stage. From TheScore to US YoungCNBC, Canadians have access to some of the most trusted and successful companies out there. Whether you’re looking for investment advice or news about your favorite sports teams, these brands can provide you with reliable information that can help make decisions easier. So don’t miss out on what these amazing Canadian companies have to offer!

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