The truth about buying followers on Instagram

Instagram is now a powerful medium with which you can reach many potential customers and put your product or service in the spotlight. Everything revolves around likes and followers, because without an audience your ‘performance’ is useless. Many companies and influencers therefore do everything they can to get more followers. The good news is: you can just buy it! But there are pros and cons to that. We tell you more about the truth about buy Instagram followers.

Benefits of buying Instagram followers

With many followers on Instagram you have a greater reach. Moreover, with ‘that much K’ you also increase your prestige. It is somewhat the same effect as in a shop: a place that is always busy must be good; otherwise not so many customers would come. Humans are real herd animals in that respect. If your Instagram account is always ‘busy’, it means that you have something good to offer. It’s that simple.

How and where can you buy Instagram followers Canada?

But, although your audience is herd animals, they are not stupid. If you go from 10,000 to 100,000 followers overnight, everyone thinks your followers are fake and that can work against you. It is therefore important that you buy the followers and add them gradually. Online you can find companies that provide HQ followers and add this in a good way, gradually. Moreover, these are real, active Canadian followers. View different online providers and compare the type of followers, their quality and the method of adding them. When those three points are in order, you really benefit from more followers and you can give your company more name recognition and take it to a higher level.

The cons of buying Instagram followers

So what are those drawbacks? In the first place, it can therefore happen that the public’s trust in you decreases. That is why it is essential that you add real followers and not too many and too quickly at once. That way you can limit this disadvantage as much as possible.

A second point is that one can analyze your followers. People with a little knowledge of Instagram can tell if a business page has bought followers. There are simple tools available with which you can analyze followers. But of course you can also use such a tool yourself. If you want to advertise via an influencer, you can use such a tool to first see whether his / her followers are real or not. Very handy!

If you buy low-quality followers, it may be cheaper, but the result is that you get less interaction on your page than if you all had real followers. You don’t want that, because involvement and interaction of followers is an essential KPI for your social media strategy. But, you can also turn this disadvantage into an advantage by buying real, active followers. Because you do interact with it.

Actively get more followers yourself

Of course, the best thing is that you have many genuine, enthusiastic followers who are positive about your company and what it has to offer. That is why it is smart to, in addition to purchasing them, also acquire followers yourself. You can do this in several ways. This way you can invest some time and money in setting up interesting and creative content. This will attract more visitors who will hopefully stick around. If you want more likes, you must of course also have something to like. It’s actually very simple. That way you will automatically get more and more likes and followers. But you can also give this process a boost by also buying Instagram followers.

In addition, you can also use the Instagram business page itself to attract more audience. Your page gives you a glimpse into the behavior of your followers. By monitoring your followers yourself, you get a very good picture of whether you have reached the right target group, what is going on among your followers and whether your posts and stories are appreciated. With that information you can improve the content and posts and adapt them to your target group. In short, a wealth of information!

As a self-respecting entrepreneur, you can no longer do without an Instagram company profile. All in all, we can therefore conclude that nothing beats real, engaged followers. But with buying Instagram followers you can certainly gain a lot of benefits. The best option is therefore ‘do one thing and don’t leave the other’. Buy real followers from a good provider and also make sure that you also attract more followers through good content and a good product / service. That way you have a strong concept!


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