Some Trending Birthday Cake for Your Special One to Surprise

Some days are the most special in everyone’s life. One such day is our birthday. This is the day why we exist. It is our parents who chose to have us. So, we are always thankful to them. But we are also thankful to the parents of the ones we hold close. It is the day we try to make them feel special and blessed. None can imagine a birthday without a cake. And the best way we can surprise our loved ones on their birthday is by sending a special cake. Here is the list of the best trending birthday cakes for your special one. It is important to keep their choice in mind. But sometimes, all they care about is our effort to make their special days even more special.

1) Chocolate Cake-

Whenever we think of cakes, the first flavor that comes to mind is chocolate. It is a universal delicacy that everyone loves. And another special quality of chocolate cakes is their uncountable variety. One can bake a simple chocolate cake. One can bake or choose a chocolate truffle cake as well. Or if you wish, you can add flavors as a seasoning to a chocolate cake as well. And also there are chocolate lava cake and more. If your beloved is fond of chocolates, then it would be the best birthday surprise for him/her. Also, if you want to bake the cake yourself, it is best to follow the recipes from Italy.

2) Red Velvet Cake-

The flavor of love is this red velvet cake. I think there is magic in its name only as people are crazy for this variety of cake. It is a simple vanilla or other flavor cake. And the topping is with shredded strawberry. Sometimes one can use rich and thick strawberry crème as well. Such a cake is red. If you add a heart in shape, it is the perfect birthday cake to convey your love. It is one of the most amazing birthday cakes.

3) Kit Kat Cake-

These days there are varieties of new cakes available in the market. Manufacturers are blending chocolates on the cake to make it taste even better. This Kitkat cake is one such trending birthday cake. Usually, this Kitkat is for seasoning purposes. You can choose any flavor cake of your beloved’s choice. And on top of the cake, you can add this DIY Kitkat design. You can add the stripes one by one for fencing the cake. Or you can set them on top of the cake. It can be the best cake for someone who loves the chocolate Kitkat. The Kitkat fencing cake is a popular cake from Italy.

4) Designer Cake-

On birthdays, we all want to gift something unique to our beloveds. How about making the birthday cake an exceptional one? Yes, one can opt for the designer cake to make it the most outstanding one. You can make a picture cake with your beloved’s photo on top of it. You can order her/his favorite character cake as well. Designer cakes are usually best ordered from authentic online cake shops. Experts bake and design the cake as per the buyer’s needs. Italy is the motherland of confectionery. So, it is best to order this cake from any online cake shop in Italy.

5) Ice Cream Cake-

Everyone loves ice crème. And everyone loves cake. So, when you blend these two flavors, your beloved would feel surprised! The cake would look like just a cake from the outside. But, when she/he cuts it and takes the first bite, it will blow their mind. It is best to customize the cake with your favorite flavor. And fill it in with their favorite ice crème flavor. This will surprise them the most and the best. If your beloved is living apart, you can order delicious cakes online as well.

6) Hidden Sweetie Gems Surprise Cake-

This cake also is a customized form of cake. Here also, there are many hidden surprises inside the cake. You can bake the cake in any flavor. While you make the dough, add some colorful sprinkles or colorful gems inside. The fully baked cake would look like a simple cake from the outside. But the bites would give surprise the taste buds. The gems add both a sweet taste and edible color to the cake. Since the gems are sweet, it is best to add them to a sour-flavored cake. The taste would balance the delicacy and essence of the cake. It is a very common cake in Italy to order for someone’s birthday.

7) Pineapple Vanilla Cake- 

Pineapple and vanilla are two different and contrasting tastes. It would make an amazing balanced taste of the cake. You can choose the cake in two ways. One can choose to bake the cake dough in vanilla flavor. And then add the pineapple-flavored topping or crème for seasoning. Or you can add pineapple essence to the cake dough and decorate it with whipped vanilla crème. It is the best cake to wish someone the happiest birthday.

8) White Forest-

Today, we can find varieties of cake tastes available in the market. There are fascinating names and amazing tastes. One such divine delicacy is the white forest cake. It somehow sounds a little contrasting to the black forest cake. But it is not. One can find a lot of white crème available here. These are ‘whipped-vanilla’ frothy cremes. For the dough of the cake, it is best to choose something sour in taste. Since vanilla is sweet, it will balance the taste of the cake well. It would be one of the best and most amazing birthday cakes ever for your loved ones.

Cakes are one of the three essential Cs for birthdays. The other two are Celebration and Chocolates. A cake is enough to make a non-happening birthday a grand one. Above are the best and most trending birthday cake ideas to send to your loved ones.

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