How To: 10 Ways You Can Decorate Your Bedroom

A home is meant to be a place of refuge, safety, and security. But it must also be a place of comfort. People spend hundreds of thousands of dollars decorating, redecorating, and renovating their homes every year. But it is astonishing how decorating their bedroom seems to lag behind rooms that see guests and visitors. 

After all, the most time you spend by yourself is in your bedroom. So it stands to reason that your bedroom should make you feel comfortable, inspire you, and help you relax, all at the same time. 

10 Tips to Decorate Your Bedroom

Of course, if you’re wondering how much a bedroom decoration can cost, the answer is not so simple. A lot of it depends on the route you choose to go with. People spend a lot of money on walls, windows, ceilings, and accents. Others tend to go the budget route, making only the basic changes that can transform their bedroom the most. Whether you choose a brand new four-poster bed, sew some exciting designs of M prints into cushion covers, a house plant, or all of them is entirely up to you. 

What matters is how these elements come together to make your room appealing. If you’re not sure where to start, check out these ten helpful tips:

  1. Subtle, Soft Color Palette 
  2. Pay Attention to the Ceiling
  3. De-Clutter the Room 
  4. Furniture Size Is Important
  5. Increase Storage Space 
  6. Create a Small Private Space
  7. Invest in Linens 
  8. Draperies Are Key 
  9. Layered Lighting 
  10. Small Room Accents

Let’s take a quick look at each of these tips in turn below. 

Subtle, Soft Color Palette 

Always choose restful, soothing shades for your bedroom rather than loud primary schoolroom colors. The more subtle shades you can get, the better. Pale green, light blue, and lavender are some of the most soothing colors you can use to thematically decorate your bedroom. 

Pay Attention to the Ceiling 

People often make the mistake of focusing on the four large spaces bordering their room but overlooking the important one on the ceiling. Nobody likes to wake up to a bland, drab ceiling every morning. It can be quite depressing. Luckily you can remedy this with a subtle change in patterns or colors for the ceiling. 

De-Clutter the Room 

While some rooms take on a warm, cozy feeling when stuffed full of furniture and assorted items, this may not always work. In most cases, too much furniture, too many bookshelves, or too many gadgets can all clutter your bedroom. A minimalistic approach to what you allow into your most private space usually works best. 

Furniture Size Is Important

With IKEA and online furniture stores, furnishing your home has never been easier. Or has it? Too many people make the error of not properly measuring their rooms and the furniture they intend to buy. The result is a room full of oversized or undersized furniture. This makes your bedroom look too awkward, so be sure to carefully make a floor plan and map out dimensions before you order furniture. 

Increase Storage Space 

In my experience, especially living in smaller homes and apartments, you can never have too much storage space. A roomy bedside table, a chest of drawers, a bed frame with drawers, all of them work well. You want to be able to store things out of sight, or at least tidily like on a bookshelf. Just be sure to keep how much room the storage space occupies balanced with the other elements of your room.

Create a Small Private Space

You might think that your bedroom is your private space, but you can often create a smaller space within it. Choose a space in your bedroom to create a private reading nook or a place to lounge at ease. It can be as simple as a settee by the window, or an easy chair and a footstool. 

Invest in Linens 

If you’re thinking most of the above tips are small starters, check this one out. Investing in high-quality linens is one of the best ways to decorate your bedroom. Whether you want to sleep on them or entertain a romantic interest, good bed linens feel good and add to the ambiance of your room. Wherever possible, choose 100% cotton or satin bed linens and comforters. 

Draperies Are Key 

You shouldn’t leave your windows uncovered. Not when draperies can add to the overall appearance of your room considerably. Choose blinds or curtains, paying special attention to the material and fabric used in them. Be sure to choose draperies with lining in them, so you can sleep in undisturbed by sunlight. 

Layered Lighting 

Lighting can make or break the aura your bedroom projects. Many people these days layer their lighting options. A mix of small reading lamps, accent lights, and ambient light gives you several different light sources that you can use as needed. 

Small Room Accents

The final tip is to decorate your bedroom with accents that complement other decorative elements. This could be a full-length mirror or an antique desk lamp that goes well with your room. If you really want your room to stand out, making cushion covers with embroidered M prints range of the same color scheme as your bedroom is an easy way to accentuate it.  There is a fairly large range of bedroom accents that you can use to make your room more beautiful. The trick is to have an eye for aesthetics and sensibility as you start decorating. The rest is up to you. 

If you have any decorating tips to share with our readers, sound off in the comments below. 

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