How Can Wholesalers Benefit From Skip Tracers?

Wholesalers can earn an astounding amount by selling properties to investors. We’ve seen hundreds of videos on YouTube of Wholesalers who signed a contract with motivated sellers and flipped that contract with investors. They are paid well for this, and Skip Tracing has changed the pattern of wholesaling. Skip Tracing helps wholesalers find the best property targets in less time.

This article is all about that. We’ll mention the benefits a wholesaler earns through Skip Tracers. Wholesaling becomes easier if you know how Skip Traced leads are used. You can quickly get in touch with motivated sellers through Skip Traced leads and sign a contract with them. We’ll define Wholesale before revealing the benefits. This article is about the benefits a Wholesaler can get through Skip Tracers, but we’ll explain Wholesale simply before discussing the benefits. So be ready and give us a thumbs up.

What is Wholesale in Real Estate?

Wholesaling is when a Wholesaler finds a homeowner having distressed properties. That property is under stress because of the homeowner’s financial issues or when more money is required for maintenance, and the homeowner can’t bear that expense. That property is the best target for a wholesaler. 

A wholesaler will convince the homeowner to sign a selling contract with him. That is the script used by a wholesaler:

“Hey [Property Owner Name], how are you doing?

My name is [Wholesaler Name], and I sign contracts with homeowners having distressed properties. I am in contact with numerous investors. You can sign a selling contract with me so that I can pitch your property to my investor circle. Your property will be flipped quickly, and you will get rid of this distressed property soon.

I am waiting for your reply. 

Thanks and Regards – [Wholesaler Name]”

That is the email template a wholesaler uses, but from where he gets the homeowner’s email? That’s the real mystery that I am about to solve.

Skip Tracers can give these emails to wholesalers who have newly entered this wholesale market. You don’t only get these emails, but wholesalers also earn several other benefits through Skip Tracers. We’ve defined Wholesale in Real Estate, but the benefits remain to be revealed. We’re about to demonstrate the benefits without any further ado. So let’s continue this article without wasting more time.

How Can Wholesalers Benefit From Skip Tracers?

We’ll first mention the benefits, but a brief explanation will be given later. So here are the benefits a Wholesaler gets through Skip Tracers!

  1. Quick Pitching
  2. No Need To Show Good Credits
  3. Getting Contacts of Homeowners in Less Time

You get these 3 benefits, but I know numerous doubts are still in your mind, which I am about to clear up.

Quick Pitching

You get numerous leads of homeowners having Bank-Owned, Pre-Foreclosures, and Distressed Properties when working with Skip Tracers. Suppose you work with Lert Skip Tracing. This agency charges $195 For 3000 Skip Traced Leads. You have now gotten 3000 targets to send emails or call them on their phone numbers.

You got the homeowner’s current address, email, and phone number. Use your email template and inform them that you are a wholesaler who has flipped multiple properties. You can sign a contract with me, and I’ll help you sell your property at the best price. The homeowner will reply to your email if he gets convinced by your email. Your time will be saved in this entire scenario, and you’ll always go in the right direction because the homeowner himself is replying to your email. Later, you can call him on his phone number after getting a reply and schedule a meetup with him.

He will sign a contract if he is interested in selling the property. Here, you have done quick pitching. You will now contact the investors and inform them about the property whose contract is just signed with you. Selling that property will give you a good commission, and you will become a recognized wholesaler in the market. That’s the best benefit Skip Tracers can ever give to a Wholesaler. So what more do you demand from Skip Tracers?

No Need To Show Good Credits

Some homeowners want to work with a wholesaler who has earned good credits before. You don’t have to show your good credits when emailing those homeowners you got from any Skip Tracing Agency. I’ve already revealed a famous Skip Tracing Agency you can work with. You can get leads from them and send emails to homeowners.

The homeowner isn’t asking for any credits in this scenario because he doesn’t see you physically. He is responding to you through email. Here, your communication skill can matter. The homeowner will only reply when he sees his benefit through your email. So you don’t have to show good credit history as a Wholesaler. You can directly connect with the homeowner and complete your selling target. That’s the 2nd benefit, but we have one more advantage to share.

Getting Contacts of Homeowners in Less Time

The 3rd benefit is that you can quickly get in contact with homeowners. I’ll give another example here to help you understand the entire process. Suppose you work with Batch Skip Tracing and order 500 Skip Traced Leads. Batch Skip Tracing will quickly deliver those leads. The estimated time for this would be 3 days maximum. You’ll get 500 leads in just 3 days. And those leads will contain the homeowner’s current address, email, and phone number.

So what’s common in this? The 3 days are common. You have got the contact sources of 500 homeowners in just 3 days. In comparison, manual visits can easily cost around 1 year to find the contact sources of 500 homeowners. So you have gotten the contacts of homeowners in less time. That is the best benefit Skip Tracers can give to Wholesalers.


So these were the 3 Best Benefits a Wholesaler Can Get From Skip Tracers. You can use these techniques as a Wholesaler if you have never considered Skip Tracing in your follow-up sequence. You can drop a comment in our website’s comments section if you have questions about this topic. Until then, take care and work hard to find homeowners having multiple properties for signing a contract. That’s all I have to say.

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