Gimkit: make learning easy:

What is Gimkit?

Gimkit is a learning game show platform for students and teachers where teachers arrange classes for students. Students compete against each other and can work as a team to win different prizes. Students earn virtual currency and invest it during the game to enhance their scores. 

Is Gimkit beneficial for students?

Gimkit game is beneficial for students of all age. In Gimkit teachers arrange classes for their students and can also assign HW. It increases the learning ability of students by engaging them in a fun learning activity. Students take it as a game and enjoy learning different things from it. 

Who invented Gimkit?

In October 2017, Gimkit was invented by Josh Feinsilber. Josh Feinsilber is the inventor and CEO of Gimkit. 

What is the major purpose of Gimkit?

The major purpose of Gimkit is to engage students with their studies without making them feel like they are doing any hard work. It also helps students to learn different things without getting bored. Teachers can also see the progress of individual student and helps them to improve their learning skills. 

Is Gimkit game difficult to use?

No, Gimkit game is not difficult to use. You can join live classes by just clicking on the link given by the teacher and can answer the questions by a single click (for multiple choice type questions). 

What are the merits of Gimkit?

Some of the merits of Gimkit are; 

  • Students can answer more than one time to reach the correct answer.
  • Teachers can assign homework to the students which they have to submit within the given time that helps to improve their progress. 
  • Gimkit helps students to enhance their knowledge by answering different questions. 
  • Gimkit engages students having fun time with it and do not let them feel like they are doing any hard work. 

What are the demerits of Gimkit?

Some of the demerits of Gimkit are;

  • Only 500 kids can join a live class at a time.
  • It doesn’t explain the answer but our wrong answer is just followed by the right one. 
  • It is lacking audio or do not provide multiple answering options but only allows text input and multiple choice questions. 

How long can be a Gimkit game?

59 minutes is the longest time for one Gimkit game. You are not allowed to add more time to the Gimkit game, if you start a game at 58 to 59 minutes. 

Why teachers love Gimkit?

Teachers and parents like Gimkit game because it engages kids having fun time with it and do not let them realize that they are doing any hard work.  It helps teachers to view the progress report of students and teachers can see how individual kids have done his task and which one of the student needs greater focus. 

What is difference between a live game and assigning HW?

A live game is; where the kids come together in the classroom and the teacher run the class and they students can either work as a team or as a solo player to win prizes within the class period. And assigning HW is where teachers assign some home task to the kids and ask them to practice it by their own. And they have to submit the given task within the given time. 


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